Olympic clash with football season?

STEWART Maxwell has raised concerns about Olympic football at Hampden threatening the SPL next season.

As stipulated in the Olympic charter, no other major sporting events can take place in any city hosting Olympic events for the duration of the games.

The West of Scotland MSP has written to both the Scottish Premier League and the British Olympic association to seek “immedate clarity” about the possibility of a delayed football season.

Hampden Park — home of Queen’s Park football club — will host eight Olympic football matches between July 25 and August 12.

This season, the SPL kicked off on July 23, so the scheduling could cause problems for Rangers, Celtic and potentially, Partick Thistle.

The Olympics could also clash with home ties for Glasgow’s sides involved in early qualifying rounds of European competition.

Mr Maxwell said: “Supporters of all clubs were excited and ambitious over the weekend as the new football season got under way and excitement is also building ahead of the Olympics next year, but questions still remain on what will happen when the two clash in 2012”.

“Despite the issue being raised several months ago, supporters are still unclear as to what effect Olympic competition will have on their clubs and the British Olympic Association need to clarify their position is on other sporting events taking place during the the 2012 Olympics.

“I will also be raising the issue with Uefa as this stipulation in the Olympic Charter could seriously impact on Scottish participation in continental competition next year”.

A spokesman for the BOA last night said: “The issue had been passed from them to the International Olympic Committee.

“It is not just in Glasgow where a problem could arise. As well as London, Olympic events are also due to take place in Manchester, Newcastle, and Cardiff”.

The SPL have welcomed Mr Maxwell’s statement and hope to have the situation resolved by the end of this year.

A spokesman added: “If the British Olympic association has any concerns regarding fixture scheduling these should be discussed with the SPL”.