Licence refused for man who knocked down woman in Glasgow Southside street

Councillors decided to turn down the application for a licence.
Councillors decided to turn down the application for a licence.

A man who knocked down a pedestrian in the Southside of Glasgow has been denied a cab drivers licence.

Anser Sadiq had just moved off in his car in Niddrie Road when he struck the woman who was crossing the road at the same time.

Sadiq was fined £135 for his actions which saw the woman hospitalised.

In the same year Sadiq was driving along Castlemilk Road when he swerved into the wrong side of the road causing the driver of an oncoming vehicle to take evasive action.

Sadiq was brought before Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee to explain his actions.

He said: “I was 18 when this happened, I am now 24-years-old and have learnt my lesson and will not make the same mistakes.

“The lady was in my blind spot and I didn’t see her. When I hit her I called an ambulance to make sure she was okay.

“In relation to the second incident, I was working as a pizza delivery driver trying to complete a three-point turn. I had done all my checks but this car came out of nowhere and I didn’t see him coming.”

Councillor Alex Wilson said: “You don’t seem to be a very vigilant driver. It was your error that caused this woman to be injured and your error that caused to collide with another vehicle.

“You need to convince us you are a capable and competent driver.”

Mr Sadiq said that he had not been involved in any other incidents since then and wanted to licence to allow him to attend college.

He said: “I sat my test again and I have not been convicted since. I was fined for speeding on the motorway and have three penalty points on my licence.

“I am going to college to complete an HND and this job would allow me to earn money while I am studying.”

Following the discussion councillors refused the licence.