Have your say on a fairer East Ren

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Views are being sought on how East Refrewshire Council can deliver its four key priorities in order to create a fairer East Ren.

Working with communities to create a Fairer East Ren is a key priority of the East Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership.

Residents’ views, alongside socio-economic evidence, are presented in a feedback draft of the Fairer East Ren plan which is shaped around the following four priority themes: Tackling poverty, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, reducing social isolation and loneliness and employability.

These will be addressed alongside two cross cutting themes, which will feature across our activities: moving around (including community and public transport) and community influence and sense of control.

Now the Planning Partnership want to know what you think of the plan.

Visit www.getinvolved.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk to have your say.