Do Tories want East Ren broken up?

The Conservative opposition group on East Ren Council voted to accept Boundary Commission proposals to break up the local constituency.

The Boundary Commission for Scotland are currently consulting on proposals to redraw Scottish constituencies .

This would see the Eastwood area join with parts of Kilmarnock and East Ayrshire while Barrhead, Neilston and Uplawmoor would join a new Paisley constituency and the current East Renfrewshire seat would then cease to exist.

Councillors were considering a report by the chief executive which called on the Boundary Commission to keep East Renfrewshire together as a constituency.

Conservative cllr Jim Swift proposed that the Boundary Commission changes be accepted in full, he was seconded by the leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Miller.

They were criticised by councillor O’Kane and the leader of the council, councillor Jim Fletcher for appearing to have simply given up on protecting the identity of East Renfrewshire.

Councillor Jim Swift responded: “The Conservatives opposed the desire to change the proposed new boundary and made an amendment to that effect, save changing the name of the constituencies to better reflect their locations.

We opposed it because the last two challenges were completely unsuccessful and a waste of tax payers money. This one seeks for a constituency that will be too small and as such will fail, as the primary objective of the exercise is equalising constituency voter numbers. This will tie up officials who could be doing useful work for residents.

“Fair can only ever be regarded as fair when it applies to everyone.”