Council says it is delivering locally

East Ren Council report says it is delivering.
East Ren Council report says it is delivering.

Highlights from East Renfrewshire Council’s latest mid-year performance report show the commitment of the council and its employees to improve the lives of local people.

Excellent performance results during the last six months include 15 affordable homes being added to the local housing supply, all East Ren properties being offered kerbside recycling facilities, 56 per cent of households recycling their waste and 77 per cent of S4 pupils achieving five or more highers.

In addition, 340 vulnerable people have received employment support, 1,824 young people participated in school and community programmes, and two local sites have been created to provide employment opportunities.

Councillor Jim Fletcher said: “I want to thank all employees for their continued hard work and dedication in ensuring our residents have access to high quality services.

“Council services are designed to support our residents’ life journey from early years through to learning and work, taking in health and wellbeing on the way to older years. This latest performance report shows the difference we are making to local people in all aspects of their life. We are committed to making sure this continues and are working towards improving even further.”

The report also shows consistency in meeting housing quality standards and reducing carbon emissions.

Prevention work has seen more older people benefiting from support services after leaving hospital.

And there has been an increase in the number of infant and parent support groups as well as groups for older people.

The report also outlines areas for improvement such as further reducing the staff absence rates which the council says it is addressing.