Could it be all change at East Renfrewshire?

ERC are to buy up to 10 new homes.
ERC are to buy up to 10 new homes.

The Extra is able to exclusively reveal this week that there may well be a challenge to the SNP/Labour coalition at East Renfrewshire Council.

David Jesner, an East Ren resident, chairman of Newton Mearns Community Council and self-proclaimed thorn in the side of East Ren Council has pinned his colours to the mast and said ‘it’s time to make a stand and force change for the better’.

He told The Extra: “East Renfrewshire has changed, in a single generation, from a leafy, community spirited, commuter conurbation to a crumbling urban sprawl with overstretched infrastructure.

“Our schools, roads, parking, are all in a shocking state, and care services for our elderly and vulnerable are being drastically and needlessly reduced or sold off.

“East Renfrewshire Council has forgotten their purpose is to serve residents. Residents are not there to serve East Ren, enabling executive staff to draw eye-watering salaries in return for little work of value to residents.

“Since 2013 I have said “Let’s keep national politics out of local authorities.”

“All local political party councillors at ERC fight each other on national political divisions instead of working together to deliver the best possible solution for the benefit of residents.

“The stark choice in May for residents is, grit your teeth and accept more of the same, or, if residents speak out now, we can put forward candidates with relevant skills, to try to win enough seats, thereby taking control of East Ren back into local hands.

If you would like to learn more about the proposals or discuss candidacy, email Mr Jesner on: