Changes made to East Renfrewshire polling stations

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Crookfur Pavilion and Mearns Parish Church Hall are unavailable as polling stations, meaning Broom Parish Church and the Lygates Building will be used as replacements.

Plans have been approved to demolish Crookfur Pavilion to make way for a nursery in Crookfur Park, which will take up to 120 pupils, while Mearns Parish Church Hall is undergoing refurbishment.

A council report states: “An exercise was carried out to identify potential alternatives within the area.

“Due to either unsuitability or restrictions on use by third parties this was challenging. However two alternatives have been identified.

“The alternative identified for Crookfur Pavilion is Broom Parish Church.

“Contact was made with the Church Minister who has indicated he is happy for the Church to be used as a polling place, not only for the coming contest but in any future contests.

“The alternative identified for Mearns Parish Church Hall is the Lygates Building on Ayr Road.

“This building is currently leased to the Council but is not in use.

“It is acknowledged that the alternative is not as suitable as the current polling place, both in terms of its location and also lack of parking other than in the shopping centre car park, but its use is intended to be a one off.”

The last review of East Renfrewshire’s polling districts and places took place in 2013/14, with no changes made to the scheme previously approved in 2010.

A number of minor polling district boundary changes were made in advance of local elections in 2017 due to a reduction in the number of Council wards from six to five.

The scheme is currently under review and draft proposals will be submitted to the Council in June.

The election is due to take place on Thursday, May 23.