Businessman pledges to stand up for the residents

David Jesner is an independent candidate  in the forthcoming local elections
David Jesner is an independent candidate in the forthcoming local elections

A local businessman has announced he is standing for election representing Newton Mearns North and Neilston (Ward 2).

David Jesner, who has had his business in East Refrewshire for 37 years, is committed to representing the local residents.

Mr Jesner has worked for the community in numerous roles over many years, including serving on the Children’s Panel, as a Newton Mearns Community Councillor, on the East Renfrewshire Outdoor Access Forum, and as founder and editor of Briefing Notes – a role from which he’s suspended while he stands for election.

He said: “I believe my track record as a community councillor demonstrates my commitment. My name has neither a political party, nor the word ‘independent’ attached to it on the ballot paper, as I commit to making residents my party. If elected, I will meet and consult with residents regularly so I can best represent their views.

“We need a strong voice in the council who will tell it like it is and bring logic and common sense instead of party political rhetoric. I believe I am that voice and stand by my track record of fighting for our community.

“I will try to rescind the extra three per cent council tax imposed on top of the swingeing percentage imposed by Scotgov. In addition, I will work to ensure our taxes are no longer wasted through mismanagement and that assets are used to best effect.”

He added: “If East Renfrewshire Council is to survive as one of Scotland’s smaller local authorities, we must do much better. We need councillors with commercial experience who will stand up and fight for residents, with no affiliation to national politics and the diktats that come from major parties.”

David Jesner will be attending hustings and holding public meetings to which all Ward 2 residents are invited.