An alternative choice available for voters

Independent candidate - Savio D'Souza
Independent candidate - Savio D'Souza

Different, Diverse and Dynamic – that’s what Savio D’Souza is offering voters in Giffnock and Thornliebank.

For too long the established parties have neglected the fact that local people pay more than their fare share of taxes but are getting a bad deal back.

They are seeing other areas receive £44 million whereas not even 50p from the same fund is being spent or invested locally.

Savio said: “Local people need a local voice not a national parties confusing national issues with the local election.

“This is not about a second referendum, party leaders or even Donald Trump. Local council needs to start reflecting it’s community. Having nine male candidates excluding 50 per cent of the electorate is not good.

“However, of the choice available I hope to be the best candidate at representing the diversity of our community. Some say they have had enough, I am offering a real genuine visible change.

“It’s about who do you feel most confident to trust to fix our poor roads, protect our green spaces and secure local facilities like the police and Eastwood pool.

“I believe with my knowledge and experience living and working locally I am in the best position to enable the local area to thrive and flourish reach its full potential.

He continued: “I would like to thank local people for their warm and kind support over the last few weeks that I have been door to door canvassing. I would like to thank the Extra for highlighting so many local concerns over the years and helping community campaigners the opportunity to get an issue raised.

“I hope over the next few weeks to meet many more people to persuade and explain that a 1st choice vote for me will bring real and tangible change for the benefit of the local community.