Politicians argue over private postal service

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WITH the future of the Royal Mail as a state-owned body in doubt, west of Scotland MSP Stewart Maxwell has spoken out against privatisation.

Commenting on the Westminster coalition’s plans, SNP man Maxwell told The Extra: “Seventy-seven per cent of Scots are totally opposed to privatisation of the Royal Mail.

“A privatised mail service will put pressure on government to reduce the Universal Service Obligation jeopardising deliveries to remote and rural areas of Scotland.

“The biggest threat of all to the postal service in Scotland is the privatisation of the Royal Mail by a UK government that the people of Scotland overwhelmingly reject.”

East Ren Labour MP Jim Murphy declined to comment on the move.

However, west of Scotland Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw welcomes it.

He said: “For years, Royal Mail has been stifled by government bureaucracy that has hindered growth and squandered opportunity.

“This is a welcome move to give Royal Mail the commerical freedom to do what’s best for employees and customers alike.

“Business managers, not politicians, know how to drive a business and make it