Political poster boys

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THE constant stream of posters displayed on local lampposts in the run up to elections could be coming to an end.

At last week’s council meeting, councillor Jim Swift put forward a motion that ERC should ban electioneering on street furniture for the coming Holyrood election and AV referendum.

However, after discussion in the chambers, a paper has been commissioned which could see the ban coming into place prior to the 2012 local elections.

Newton Mearns man Keith Twaddle, a 57-year-old research analyst, supports Mr Swift’s motion.

He said: “A poster has never changed anybody’s mind – so what’s the point? They only add clutter, nothing else”.

Lucinda Webster (88), Emily Clarke (82) and Emma Harris (76) from Shawlands all agree they should be banned.

Mrs Clarke told The Extra: “I do not pay attention to the propaganda because politicians are all the same — no matter how colourful a sign they may have.

Emma Harris added: “It’s always the same old rubbish and I am sick of seeing it”.

Thornliebank electrician Jim Hamilton (51) said: “They are just white noise to me , I don’t have a problem with them but I probably wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.

“Most people know their minds so it doesn’t make a huge difference”.

Tariq Zaheer (54) — a retail manager from Giffnock — defended the posters.

He said: “They add to the excitement and sense of occasion during election season and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Anything to increase the public’s awareness and add to the turnout can only be a good thing”.

Management consultant David Gailey (54) from Newton Mearns thinks posters are a “complete and utter eyesore.

“They take ages to come down and they are environmentally unfriendly. They do not offer any information so I do not see a purpose”.

Danielle Murphy, a 34-year-old account manager from Newton Mearns, thinks the bigger problem is letters through the door.

She complained: “It is far more invasive when the campaigning comes through your letter box.

“It’s non-stop. The posters don’t bother me, they get your attention, I think that’s their purpose rather than to sway votes”.