Play celebrates poet’s life

Edwin Morgan
Edwin Morgan

THE life of Scottish poet Edwin Morgan is set for the stage this year, courtesy of Makar Liz Lochhead.

Edwin Morgan’s Dreams and Other Nightmares, a play about the poet’s troubled love life, has been commissioned by the Glasgay festival.

It opens at the Tron theatre in November, and is set in the writer’s last room – the west end care home where he passed away, aged 90, last year – detailing conversations with his (real life) biographer.

Playwright Liz Lochhead is said to still be writing the story of her predecessor to the makar title.

Steven Thomson, producer of Glasgay, commented of the former Glasgow University professor: “He was an example of a gay man who had persevered and had put so much into his work.

“There is a lot of Edwin’s life that we never knew and will never know, but this play is a way of paying tribute to him and the life he led”.

The play will run from November 2-5 at the city centre venue.