Planning chair speaks out

THE chair of East Ren’s planning committee has spoken out against the incinerator.

Councillor Iain McAlpine told The Extra: “I find myself unable to support this major development: the noise and pollution will be too great. This is a lovely green area and I believe Newton Mearns should remain a family friendly area for people to live.

“I will be writing to the Scottish Parliament and the Lifetime Recycling Village to register my opposition to this unnecessary project. This application goes against the local plan for the area.

“I will now be fully focused in campaigning against this development for Newton Mearns”.

This means he will be unable to vote on any issue involving LRV, if an application is made while he holds the position.

An East Renfrewshire council spokesman confirmed Mr McAlpine’s status. He said: “If a member of the planning applications committee has publicly objected to or supported a planning application which is then before them to decide, he or she wouldn’t be able to take part in deciding the application”.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the last chance for locals to have their say on the initial Main Issues report consultation.

A council spokesman said he wanted to set the record straight on the MIR, which has been the subject of much criticism from local people and politicians, amid fears it could change the make up of East Renfrewshire forever with substantial development on greenbelt land.

He told The Extra: “There are a number of applications for planning permission currently before the council, which have alerted public interest.

“These proposals submitted by developers, will be determined on the basis of the existing adopted Local Plan.

“Contrary to what has been said locally, they are not in any way linked to the MIR and proposed Local Development Plan. Any rumours to the contrary are unfounded.

“Other inaccuracies highlighted recently are also the number of housing units with planning permission or identified in the local plan.

“The housing land supply reveals that currently there are approximately 1,200 housing units with planning permission, and a further 1,600 united allocated in the adopted local plan, but without further permission.

“I would stress that nothing has been decided at this stage in the process”.

To register your opinion on development in East Renfrewshire over the next 20+ years, visit and fill in the online form.