Pic of the Week: Velo City by David Hendry


MANY photography guides suggest that the best times to take photographs are in the “golden” hour at sunrise and sunset.

At other times of the day the light is too severe with high sun light creating harsh shadows.

I enjoy black and white photography and with the lack of colour you benefit from harsh shadows to give you patterns and shapes.

This shot was taken from the roof of Milan cathedral looking down onto the Piazza del Duomo. Thanks to digital technology I was able to take 34 pictures to get the one I wanted without a stray dog or person in the wrong place.

My image was published in World of Photography, Volume 1 by Archant. The exposure details were 1/500 sec @f/7.1 ISO 100, Sony Alpha 100 with a Minolta 70-210mm zoom at 210mm.

Picture of the week in association with Eastwood Photographic Society - photography for all.