Pic of the Week: Out of the Mist by Ken Lindsay

editorial image

Misty conditions often accompany good weather in Tuscany in the autumn.

After an early start I was delighted to find the Val d’Orcia filled with mist providing ideal photo opportunities.

After sunrise the mist gradually cleared, in this case creating the effect of an island of cypress trees surrounded by a sea of mist.

The low sun picked out the golden grass at the side of the winding road in the foreground and helped to lead the eye towards the island in the distance.

I used a Nikon D800E with a 70 – 200 m lens at 70mm. An aperture at the midpoint of f/9 produced the least lens distortion and combined with a film speed of 100 ISO, the sharpest image.

A tripod eliminated any movement and 1/125 sec produced the optimal exposure.

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