Pic of the Week: Clematis by Andy Shearer

editorial image

THE clematis is a very attractive flower and comes in many varieties.

This one was taken in my back garden with my Canon Powershot G9 compact camera.

I like this small sensor camera for close-up work as it focuses very close to the subject matter, in fact 1cm at the wide angle end. The technical details are 1/60th of a second hand held at f5.6 and 100 ISO.

I did not use flash as I prefer to use natural light when I can.

One of the criticisms of small sensor cameras is the great depth of field that they give and, while this might be a distraction when trying to separate a head and shoulder portrait from a fussy background, the great depth of field can be a godsend for close up work where you are trying to get much of the subject as sharp as possible.

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