Phone mast goes to appeal

An impression of how the mast would look.
An impression of how the mast would look.

CLARKSTON residents are having to renew their fight against a planned telephone mast on Busby Road.

Activists won the first round of the battle as the planning application for the mast was rejected.

Now a company, Mono Consultants Limited, has put in an appeal against the decision on behalf of Vodaphone — the original applicant.

The reason the council gave for denying the construction was that the mast was thought to be contrary to the council’s Local Plan and would be “detrimental to the character and amenity at this location”.

The plan faces hefty opposition — even at this stage — as objections have been lodged by residents, the community council, St Joseph’s church — across the road from the proposed site — MP Jim Murphy and MSP Ken Macintosh.