Tweet suggests Pollokshaws West is the name of Kim Kardashian’s new baby!

The tweet apparently indicating the baby would be called Pollokshaws West.
The tweet apparently indicating the baby would be called Pollokshaws West.

A joke tweet about the name of American media personality Kim Kardashian’s new baby boy appears to have put Pollokshaws West train station firmly on the map.

Kim and her husband, rapper Kanye West, welcomed their fourth child, via a surrogate, into the world on this week.

The baby boy joins their children North, Saint and Chicago West.

Following the baby’s arrival, a message – designed to look as though it came from Kim’s official account – appeared on Twitter, suggesting the baby’s name would be Pollokshaws West.

The message has since been retweeted and liked thousands of times, with many people apparently believing the tweet was genuine.

The tweet says: “One of the names that we kept seeing in our suggestions was Pollokshaws (apparently Scottish) and we just fell in love with the way it sounds. So excited for you guys to meet Pollokshaws West.”

Reaction on Twitter has been rather unkind on Pollokshaws and Pollokshaws West station.

One of many replies stated: “Pollokshaws West oh my days those poor kids lol.”

Another said: “@KimKardashian please don’t call the baby Pollokshaws. Pollokshaws West is a train station in Glasgow and its not nice.”#

Others took a different view, with one saying: “I wish this was true more than anything in the world, actual wheezing at the the thought of a wee guy named Pollokshaws West cutting aboot in the world.”

So, maybe Pollokshaws West wouldn’t be too bad after all ...