Tomorrow’s Older People holds event to welcome new community to East Renfrewshire

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Maidenhill residents have recently taken part in a special neighbourhood event in a bid to build their community.

Moving to a brand-new housing estate can be very exciting, but making new connections and building a sense of community can be a daunting task. Tomorrow’s Older People based at Voluntary Action East Ren have been researching the impact of the environment we live in on our well-being. The team explored housing models from around the world that support people to feel cared for and connected with the community. It also got them thinking about all the new communities across East Renfrewshire and how they could be supported.

Claire from the Tomorrow’s Older People team said: “The workshop aimed to raise awareness of local opportunities to make connections and build a more caring and resilient community. We shared some simple ideas with the new residents, from local online groups, Car Pools and Walking Bus to street meets.”

The event took place in The Royal World Buffet on Ayr Road in Newton Mearns.

The owners and staff have been very welcoming of the idea and keen to support the community.

One resident said: “Tonight has been fantastic, with lots of really useful information in an informal setting. We’ve had a chance to meet people living here other than our direct neighbours, and most of us have swapped numbers.”

Maria from Tomorrow’s Older People said: “All residents will receive feedback from the event which we will also share with organisations across East Renfrewshire. We also want to share our learning with housebuilders and hope they will introduce similar workshops. We would ask anyone interested in finding out more to get in touch.”

Tomorrow’s Older People is a ‘Community Fund’ funded initiative that brings together local people and organisations to design the services, supports and opportunities we need to have a happy and healthy future.

To find out more visit Tomorrow’s Older People’s website or contact them on or 0141 876 9555.