The start of a collaboration to influence climate change locally in East Renfrewshire

Kinworks and Net Zero are bringing together local people from East Renfrewshire at a Harvest Supper event to start a conversation about how we can work together to take collective action at a local level to address climate change.

Tuesday, 24th September 2019, 9:05 am

Many individuals and groups across East Renfrewshire are keen to do their bit to reduce our impact on the planet.

While individual actions make a difference, perhaps we can achieve an even greater impact by working together.

There are many strands of activity relating to sustainability – whether reducing single use plastics, encouraging active travel, improving biodiversity, reducing food waste, increasing reuse and recycling, all are positive initiatives that make a difference. But people tell us that while they are working hard, they feel they are spread too thinly, they haven’t got capacity for the funding bids they need to resource their initiatives or they lack the resources to campaign for widespread behaviour change.

The project lead for Net Zero, Lynne Wardle, said: “We want to identify small steps we can all take to make a positive, sustainable impact in our community. If everyone joins in together that impact can feel pretty powerful.

“Our aim is to create a collective effort that has the ability to have more impact than one person’s efforts alone.”

Our Harvest Supper is an opportunity to celebrate everyone’s efforts so far, share what works and explore ways we might collaborate to create a greater impact.

If you are passionate about issues concerning climate change and would like join us at the Harvest Supper on Wednesday, October 2in Neilston you can get in touch via email on [email protected] or call Taylor on 07756 652657.