Stamperland and Netherlee Parish Churches’ reverse advent calendar to support East Renfrewshire Foodbank

Minister Scott Blythe with Mrs Evelyn Graham.
Minister Scott Blythe with Mrs Evelyn Graham.

Members of Stamperland Parish Church and Netherlee Parish Church particpated in a Reverse Advent Calendar scheme in support of the East Renfrewshire Foodbank.

Scott Blythe, minister of both churches, said: “I first became aware of Reverse Advent Calendars when I was a minister in a church in New Jersey. Rather than taking stuff out of an advent calendar window or door the idea of the Reverse Advent Calendar is to put something in.

“Ideally, we were looking for one item - such as a tin of soup, a can of vegetables, a tin of meat, a jar of coffee, a box of breakfast cereal or some toiletries – to be put in a cardboard box every day throughout advent.

“Doing his each day for the four weeks of advent would result in a box containing two dozen vitally-needed items. This would be a significant contribution.”

Mrs Evelyn Graham, who liaises with the Foodbank in Barrhead, has been co-ordinating the collection of foodbank donations at Stamperland Church for more than five years.

“Members at Stamperland have been good supporters of the Foodbank for a long time.” she said. “Our recent donations, prior to the Reverse Advent Calendar, weighed in at 2,130kg and reflect the concern we have for people facing hardship.”