Six little piggies stay at home

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Residents at a Clarkston care home are hearing the patter of tiny feet as six newcomers join the fold.

Northcare’s Clarkston House saw the birth of six little piglets from their mum, a Kune Kune sou, commonly known as a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

Mum and tots are well and residents have already named the little ones - Totter, Fatty, Tiddles, Sandra, Jordy and Ruthy.

Director William Sawyers said the company had already trialled introducing animals to another of their care homes, working with experts at Stirling University.

“It was so successful that we had no hesitatioin in deciding to bring animals to our Clarkston House care home,” said Mr Sawyers.

He explained: “There is a lot of verified evidence that shows residents who have access to animals, help look after them or just enjoy petting them, have increased feelings of wellbeing.

“It helps lift their mood, as does simply getting out in the fresh air to visit them.

“At least seven of our residents at Clarkston House come out every day to see the animals.

“As well as the pigs and piglets, we have rabbits and hens. Every day we collect the hens’ eggs and they may find their way onto the breakfast menu.

“All our animals get on great with eaqch other, too, and they add another dimension to our residents’ day-to-day life.”