Serious concerns raised over ‘dangerous’ parking at Cathcart’s Oswald Court

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Residents in Cathcart have raised concerns over parking and lack of access to their homes close to the Stewart Milne Homes Oswald Court site.

The housing developer is currently building new houses on the site, but has come under fire over the “complete disregard” by employees and sub-contractors carrying out the work.

Resident Michael Kerrigan wrote to Stewart Milne in December last year to highlight the ongoing issues that residents have been facing.

These include the high number of vans and other vehicles parked on Brunton Terrace, lack of access for residents, especially those with mobility problems, and the uncleanliness of the streets which have been caked in mud and littered with work signs and cones.

Mr Kerrigan said: “It’s just really disrespectful to us residents who have to live here. I understand that the work needs to be carried out, but surely this could be done in a better way.

“Parking their vans and personal vehicles wherever they like without thinking of those that live on the street is just not on. Sometimes they are parked half on the pavement.

“There is a partially-sighted elderly lady who cannot get access to the pavement – she has to use the road. It is the same with the young mum who has to go on the road when she is out with the youngster.

Mr Kerrigan received a reply from Stewart Milne Homes a week after his initial letter last year.

He said: “I received a one page letter basically saying that they were sorry for the ‘inconvenience’ and that we may be able to look back and accept ‘the long-term improvement a bit better’.

“The parking situation is dangerous not ‘inconvenient’!”

A spokesman for Stewart Milne Homes, said: “Oswald Court is a very busy and congested urban area of Cathcart where there is already a dearth of residents’ car parking.

“At this stage of intense construction activity, it is impossible to create on-site parking for our staff and sub-contractors while so many owners are now living there, so the workforce have no option other than to park off-site.

“Stewart Milne Homes actively encourage all visitors and contractors to park safely and responsibly and to respect our neighbours at all times. These points are conveyed to our staff and contractors on an ongoing basis and we will now, of course, reinforce this message following receipt of this recent concern.

“We apologise for any temporary inconvenience caused to local residents.”