Residents of Govanhill want change

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Organisers of a community group in Govanhill say residents need change.

Active Life Club (ALC) has been enriching communities since 1999 and has acted as a hub for young people from diverse backgrounds to come together through sport.

Chairman Raza Sadiq believes the biggest problem in the community is trust.

He said: “We are living in an area where the people want change. Over the years the same issues have occurred again and again.

“The biggest problem for people here is trust. I feel that there is still a lot of hatred towards minority groups.

“We need to be able to question politicians and hold them to account. I am going to vote accordingly.

“ There is a lot of debate about Brexit and independence and a lot of worry about what is going to happen post Brexit. It is a mystery.

“My biggest concern is Islamophobia and we need to learn to bring people together.

“We need more equality when it comes to employment but I don’t expect miracles overnight.”

ALC has been challenging inequality on many fronts, ranging from sports, consultations, research and community events to empower under represented groups.

It is also tackling gender inequalities, getting BME female into sport and civic engagements, showcasing disability sports including wheel chair football and table cricket.

Mr Sadiq went on: “We need someone that will inspire the community to move forward.

“We need a strategy developed to offer structured support while tackling inequalities in health amongst BME groups and lack of representation of BME women in sports.”