Remembering those lost in the Holocaust

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East Renfrewshire will come together to honour victims of the Holocaust at a memorial event in St Ninian’s High School this week.

Holocaust Memorial Day is on January 27 and the local event takes place on Monday (January 26), featuring guest speakers and performances by East Renfrewshire Schools Senior String Orchestra.

Provost Alastair Carmichael, who will welcome guests on the night, said: “Holocaust Memorial Day provides each of us with an opportunity to learn the lessons of the Holocaust.

“It is a chance to remember, but also a chance to pass the lessons of the past to the next generation.

“It is important that we don’t fall into the trap of believing that the horrors of the Holocaust started and ended with the Second World War. Genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur show us clearly that we must all be vigilant.”

The St Ninian’s event, starting at 7.30pm, will also include a presentation by Dr David Kaufman of the University of Edinburgh, on the ‘twisted path to Auschwitz’ and a short film on southsider Jane Haining, a missionary who died at the camp.

Provost Carmichael added: “On Holocaust Memorial Day we share the memory of the millions who have been lost in the atrocities of the past, in order to challenge hatred and persecution today.

“We all have a responsibility to make sure that we don’t see history repeat itself.”

Anyone interested in attending Monday’s event is asked to contact 577 3107 or to book a place.