Parking woes for everyone!

Car parking has become a major problem for The Avenue Shopping Centre's owners, with many people claiming to no longer shop there.
Car parking has become a major problem for The Avenue Shopping Centre's owners, with many people claiming to no longer shop there.

It seems nobody is happy with the parking arrangements at The Avenue including traders and the public alike with claims customers are no longer shopping there.

The Extra has regularly received complaints since the centre’s management introduced a new policy of charging everyone to use the car parks.

Previously, those employed within the shopping centre could park for free but are now subject to a £1.50 charge.

A high number of the complaints received relate to vehicle congestion on Capelrig Road with the allegation that traders are parking there instead of paying the daily charge.

This in turn is said to lead to vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road, making u-turns and obscuring sight lines for pedestrians. The fear is, it’s only a matter of time before a serious accident takes place.

A spokesperson for The Avenue told us: “The Avenue’s car park improvement works were completed in late June of this year, following these works the footfall and trading figures have performed in line with the Scottish and UK averages and have not been adversely affected by the car park changes.

“The Avenue’s customer car parks remain free for all customers for four hours.

“By implementing the maximum stay in our car parks this has helped relieve congestion and pressure on parking spaces considerably.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: “Following this recent development at the shopping centre we have already been in contact with local residents who have been affected by obstructive parking on pavements, which has hindered access routes for members of the public. An informal consultation on waiting and loading restrictions in Newton Mearns is currently under way and as a result of the issues now being encountered at Capelrig Road we will be proposing additional restrictions are implemented in this area. Finalised details of these proposals will be published in the coming months.”

Councillor Jim Swift commented: “The changes in parking charges for people who work in The Avenue has resulted in significant overspill parking.

“I have asked the roads department to take measures to protect traffic flow (pedestrian/vehicle) on Capelrig Rd and on Maple Avenue and Townhead Road, which have been the roads worst affected.

I would urge anyone who wants to make suggestions about the overspill of parking from the Avenue to contact roads online at:”

There has been a huge number of comments left on our Facebook page.

Phyllis Buchanan said: “There is now always a line of parked cars down one side of Capelrig road and the traffic going up and down have to weave their way past it. When you get to the top the carpark is half empty - insane!”

Giulio Celino commented: “I’ve got complete sympathy for the staff on this,but it is a problem now schools are back, you come round the bend with cars driving on the other side of the road.”

Phyllis Buchanan backed the traders saying: “You don’t charge workers on minimum wage to park at their place of work. Give them their spaces back!”

Kevin McMurtrie also said: “Parking around Capelrig Road and the entrance to M&S car park was ridiculous yesterday, including two cars parked directly opposite the entrance adding to problems. Yet again a near multi-car collision was just avoided.”