Newton Mearns super slimmer Lisa is ‘Woman of the Year’

Lisa Sandhu was able to recover from her operation much better and quicker due to having lost so much weight.
Lisa Sandhu was able to recover from her operation much better and quicker due to having lost so much weight.

Lisa Sandhu has been named Women of the Year at Broom Church’s Slimming World Group in Newton Mearns thanks to her life-changing six stone weight loss – in less than six months.

Lisa joined Slimming World on February 26, this year, after gaining weight during the most difficult 2 years of her life.

Sadly when Lisa’s son was only four months old, she lost her mum to cancer. She also had to deal with the shock news that her nine-week-old son was diagnosed with downs syndrome.

Finding all this very difficult to come to terms with, Lisa turned to food as a comfort.

Having two close pregnancies back to back, which in turn led to Endometriosis and PCOS, forced Lisa to turn to the medical profession. Her surgeon explained that her only real option was to have a hysterectomy.

Lisa suggested that she would like to lose some weight in order to make it safer for her. She said her doctor smirked, but this was her trigger moment, as his reaction was one of “as if he has heard this so many times before”.

She left the appointment determined to prove she could make it happen, and started her Slimming World journey the next day.

Lisa lost 9.5lbs in her first week, and ecnouraged by this early succes, she went on to lose six stones, dropping from a dress size 22 to 14, and earning the title of the Broom Group’s Woman of the Year.

“Delighted with being awarded the Women of the Year, does not even begin to express how I feel,” she said.

“The Broom Church Group I attend each Tuesday, run by Kirsty, has been so supportive, and there are so many members in group who are also deserving of this award. It makes me feel quite touched and privileged.

“I know a lot of people worry about joining a slimming club because they don’t know what to expect. Right from the first moment I walked into my Slimming World group I felt comfortable and the support I’ve received has been amazing.

“I look forward to going each week to catch up with all of my new friends and share tips, recipes and advice.

“I just love it, I even changed my working days, since returning after maternity leave, to make sure I don’t miss group.’

Lisa added: “I never could have dreamt that I’d be in this position when I first began my weight loss journey.

“Losing weight has made such a big difference to me. My health is better, and best of all, I have more energy to run around after my young family. I’m happier and I feel more comfortable.

“My surgeon has been so amazed at my transformation in such a short period of time. It allowed me to undergo surgery in a much less intrusive way, with a much faster recover period.”

Kirsty Flockhart, the Slimming World consultant who runs the Broom Parish Church group, said: “I’m so proud of Lisa. She’s a fantastic ambassador for Slimming World and what she’s achieved is nothing short of incredible.

“She’s a huge inspiration to everyone in our group and I hope she inspires other women – and men – to change their lives in the same way.”

The Broom Parish Church Slimming World group is held every Tuesday at 9.30am, 11.30am, and 7.30pm at Broom Parish Church, Newton Mearns.

To join or find out more call or text Kirsty on 07933 250130.