New strategy to identify how open space is used across Glasgow

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Glasgow councillors are set to adopt a new strategy to guide how open space across the city is used.

It will identify how parks, gardens, allotments, civic spaces, rivers, lochs and ponds can “improve health, liveability and the resilience of Glasgow”.

Issues include addressing the quality and quantity of open space in the city.

The quality of public space in parts of Pollokshields is marked as below standard in the draft strategy.

Other wards with poor standard space include Langside.

The strategy also covers walking, cycling, growing spaces, flood management and plans for a new outdoor sports strategy to identify whether the city has the space to meet demand.

It aims to look at the role of open space, help the city adapt to climate change, provide habitats for nature, opportunities for delivering better, more coherent and connected walking and cycling network and places for outdoor recreation, sport, food growing and general relaxation.

“Meeting these demands is going to be important in ensuring that Glasgow is well-equipped to deal with the challenges of the 21st century and to enhance the attractiveness of the City as a place in which to live and invest,” the strategy states.

The council will also look at ways to address poor air quality and pollution, which could include planting more trees.

“Whilst there is, generally, little scope to introduce new public parks into the city in response to these gaps in provision, there are opportunities to enhance public access to existing, larger open spaces in these areas,” the strategy states.

The council will work with schools and nurseries to provide more opportunities for outdoor learning.

Councillor Kenny McLean, city convener for neighbourhoods, housing and public realm, said: “Our open spaces are enormously important to us, socially, economically and environmentally, and considering how we can best use them is crucial to our future quality of life and success.

“The Open Space Strategy for Glasgow will guide us in our efforts to make the city more healthy, liveable and resilient.”

A draft version of the strategy has been out for public consultation, and the council says there has been an “overwhelmingly positive” response.