New policing plan for East Renfrewshire

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Police Scotland’s plan for improving the safety of people in East Renfrewshire over the next three years has been revealed.

The force’s draft plan for 2020 to 2023 was presented to councillors this week.

“Recorded crime rates in East Renfrewshire are among the lowest in Scotland. However, like many other areas, it does have pockets of deprivation and associated social challenges,” the plan states.

It highlights the challenges faced in the area and the steps being taken to help tackle them.

The priorities are identified as reducing crimes of “greatest concern” and detecting offenders and protecting vulnerable people.

Areas of focus include violent crime, anti-social behaviour, sexual offences, drug supply, hate crime, cyber crime, domestic abuse, substance misuse, young people, child protection and missing people.

Officers intend to identify crime patterns in relation to robbery,

housebreaking, ensure licensed premises are operating in a responsible manner and not selling alcohol to young people and improve their response to cyber crime investigations, focusing on online child sexual exploitation, cyber bullying and organised cyber frauds.

They will provide advice to vulnerable communities in relation to hate crime, target those involved in the manufacture and distribution of controlled drugs and work with partners to encourage victims of domestic abuse to come forward.

The division is also taking a public health led approach to substance misuse, within the multi-agency alcohol and drugs partnership, and developing a team to tackle human trafficking.

Officers also work with seven secondary schools and 23 primary schools across the area “responding to what communities need and want”.

The plan states: “Effective policing will reduce the impact of child poverty and improve employability by identifying individuals who are in need of support and signposting them to the appropriate agencies.”

It also says the Greater Glasgow Division is committed to improving mental health and well-being and reducing harm caused by crime and anti-social behaviour, which can leave people feeling isolated. One aim of the plan is to reduce social isolation and loneliness and increase safety.