Mearns lad creates DVD for charity

(L-R) Liam Stuart, Ryan Cunningham, Mark Cox and Brian McGovern.
(L-R) Liam Stuart, Ryan Cunningham, Mark Cox and Brian McGovern.

A Newton Mearns student who attends City of Glasgow College has raised £500 for Maggie’s by filming their annual Just Dance fundraiser.

The charity had helped Ryan Cunningham’s friend’s mum successfully battle cancer.

Ryan, who studies HND Television at the new ‘super college’, helped produce a DVD of the glitzy event, which was attended by 500 people and saw seven couples battle it out on the dancefloor.

The fundraiser, which follows the same format as BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing with a panel of professional and celebrity judges, including Still Game’s Mark Cox was sold to those who had attended the event.

The 19-year-old, who attended Mearns Castle High School, and fellow students Brian McGovern and Liam Stuart gave their time free of charge. Brian’s mum Mary Carson was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since been given the all clear. She had received invaluable care from Maggie’s during her illness.

Kind-hearted Ryan said: “Brian’s mum heard that the person who was supposed to be filming the event pulled out and that they were desperately looking for someone to help. She told them that her son Brian did filming and suggested he could help out.

“Filming the event was an excellent experience and allowed us to put what we had learnt through our college course into a multi camera set up.

“It was a long shoot, as we were there for about 12 hours in total, but it has provided me with a taste of the industry and what it is like to work in a real life situation.”

James Wilson, Curriculum Head of Industry Academy and Youth Employability, said: “Our students did a superb job filming the Maggie’s Just Dance event and raised a fantastic amount of money for the charity.”