Happy news for Cats Protection

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It’s a happy new year for Cats Protection Giffnock and district branch as the team say thanks to all those who helped their latest fundraising drive.

The team featured in The Extra in October, when the story of rescue kitten Rocky and his mum Rosie inspired them to go after funding for a new incubator.

Co-ordinator Karen Minnery explained: “Rosie gave birth to Rocky and another kitten prematurely. Luckily, someone discovered them and took them to a vet, who phoned us — unfortunately, when I took them home, Rosie rejected him and Rocky became colder and colder.

“ Our own Rouken Glen Vets put him in an incubator for a few days and it’s the only reason he survived. We could help so many more kittens if we had an incubator of our own.”

Following a successful Halloween disco and an appeal in The Extra, the Cats Protection Christmas wish has come true, and the team now have their own incubator for new kittens in need.

Karen told The Extra: “We were delighted to raise enough money to buy Rocky’s incubator to help more premature kittens in the future, and would like to say thanks so much — and happy new year — to all those who helped us over the year.”