East Renfrewshire Council is well prepared for winter

Photo: Mark F Gibson
Photo: Mark F Gibson

East Renfrewshire Council has 4,500 tonnes of salt ready to treat roads across the authority over the coming winter months.

When the temperature drops, our teams will be out and about on more than 190 miles of priority routes helping to keep residents and visitors safe and ensure as little disruption as possible.

A total of 339 public grit bins, including 17 larger community bins, have also been replenished which will allow residents to access grit for their local roads and pavements. This is particularly important during prolonged cold spells when the council’s roads service needs to focus its resources on keeping main routes open and moving across the area.

Environment Convener, Councillor Alan Lafferty, said: “I am pleased to reassure East Renfrewshire residents that our roads team is ready and equipped for the upcoming winter months. Staff are on standby to treat roads in advance of, and during, any bouts of freezing weather.

“I would also encourage residents, who are fit and able, to find their nearest public grit bin and use it to treat areas not included in our priority routes, such as your driveway or pavement outside your house or outside any elderly neighbours or family member’s homes.

“You can find out where your nearest grit bin is by visiting our website and throughout the winter months, our social media channels will provide regular updates on what we are doing.”

For further information on how prepared the council is for winter, including where to find grit bins and our priority routes, click here