Council accused of failing cat owners

An East ren resident has claimed that the council have gone back on their word to scan dead animals and notify their owners as was promised last year.

The Extra reported last summer that Cats Protection Giffnock and District branch had agreed to supply the council street cleansing staff with scanners.

Susanne Connell who lives in Stamperland, made thatclaim this week after one of her cats, Ferris, went missing several days ago.

During this process she contacted the cleansing department in case they had found Ferris on the roads.

She was informed that ERC do not log any reports of dead cats or dogs found on public highways, nor does the council have the facility to scan cats for microchips.

The council has responded saying: “The Council’s information system does record reported sightings of dead animals and last year, in a bid to help cat owners in the community, we equipped our street cleaners with scanners to scan any dead cats found on the streets for microchips.

“The scanners were provided by Cat Protection Glasgow and the informal agreement is that, where possible, street cleaners scan the animals and chip information is passed to Cat Protection for use in tracing the owners.

“We are sorry that on this occasion the information given to Ms Connell was incorrect.

“The Council doesn’t currently have a process for online reporting but it’s something we can certainly look at.

“We fully appreciate and understand Ms Connell’s concern for her cat, and are pleased that it has been found safely.”

Susanne has been in contact to advise that apparently Ferris had been trapped in a local shed by accident but has now returned home.

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