Charlotte’s old shoes are given a new lease of life

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For girls of all ages, shoes are a treasured possession — but four-year-old Charlotte Selkirk is giving hers up to help others.

Charlotte, from Newton Mearns, has collected more than 60 pairs of pre-loved shoes to help children around the world — even dedicating her fourth birthday party to the cause.

Mum Susan kickstarted Charlotte’s charity spirits when she decided to donate footwear which no longer fit to Sal’s Shoes, an organisation which distributes them to less fortunate children across Africa, Europe and Nepal.

But the youngster wanted to go one step further, and asked her party guests to bring along the shoes, slippers, wellies and trainers they had grown out of to send on as well.

Charlotte explained: “I love to run and play outside with my friends — I’m so happy that all these shoes will help other boys and girls to have some fun.”

Susan told The Extra: “Charlotte is growing so fast, and her shoes still have plenty of wear in them.

“There are 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity - this makes them extremely vulnerable to infection by parasites.

“Without shoes, many children are not permitted to attend school, so sending these shoes seems a great way to help ensure children receive an education.

“And the shoes are passed through families and neighbours, so they will not only help one child, but as their little feet grow they will help other generations too.”

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