Call to help key study of Pollok House past

Pollok House
Pollok House

If you or someone in your family ever worked in the old Pollok House estate the learning team there want to hear from you.

The magnificent one-time stately home is ironically an icon for the history of social housing, pioneered by Sir John Stirling Maxwell.

He pioneered the concept of affordable housing for working people, and left a powerful but under-publicised legacy,

Learning Officer at Pollok House, Joe Murray, said: “Sir John Stirling Maxwell is disappearing into the mists of time and I think that is a great pity for he did much for Scotland and especially the people of the south side”.

A lottery-funded oral history project is underway, and volunteer interviewer teams are looking to record anyone who lived and worked on the Nether Pollok Estate.

If you can help, contact the team by email at

The interviewers would like to talk to people who may have had a close relative who lived and worked on the estate as this could help provide answers to some questions and help identify some of the people in the collection of photographs at Pollok House.