Parking woes prompt petition

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Disgruntled Clarkston residents are signing a petition in a bid to change East Renfrewshire Council’s mind about parking restrictions affecting homes around the toll.

The petition — demanding “an end to this unfair, unethical and unwarranted enforcement of parking tickets on the residents of Clarkston Toll” — has gained almost 500 signatures so far.

It reads: “East Ren Council has taken the decision to implement the enforcement of parking fines at the roundabout, outside the Helena Place flats, without just cause or reason.

“Parking at the best of times is very limited and residents are forced to park in the nearby car park — however, the car park is an informal park and ride. Consequently, residents have nowhere to park during the day.”

The petition argues that ERC’s enforcement of parking regulations — a contentious issue since it was handed over from police to the council in 2013 — is an opportunity to “make money from residents.

“At the very least, the council should have consulted property owners in the area and issued residents with parking permits.”

A spokeswoman for East Renfrewshire Council responded that there are no plans to review the on-street restrictions now in place.

She said: “The restrictions are the result of an extensive review, public consultation and legal process in Clarkston and Busby. The consultation included residents in the affected area and a wide range of organisations and was also much more extensive than is required by law. This process is now complete.

“We always welcome comment and feedback, and all views expressed during the consultation were carefully considered before a final decision was taken.”

Clarkston BID (Business Improvement District) recognises that parking is a problem in the area, but adds that a middle ground must be found to meet the needs of residents, who require long-term parking, and business owners, who do not want to reduce the number of spaces available to customers.

In a letter to The Extra, a respresentative of Clarkston BID writes: “Disappointing to read another parking horror story in last week’s Extra [Parking mad at charges, June 4].

“We intend to sponsor a forum inviting businesses, council officials, politicians and the public to discuss what realistic steps can be taken to make parking in Clarkston as good as it can be...for everyone.”