Parking signs ahead for Christmas

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With only 34 days until Christmas, businesses and residents of Busby and Clarkston are being asked to be patient as the saga of parking reviews drags on — with new road signs.

It has taken East Ren Council almost two years to review road restrictions after the decriminalisation of certain parking by-laws.

Now, they are being asked to be patient a bit longer while streets are closed to parking so that workers can repaint lines and road markings and erect signage.

While the council has agreed to relax parking restraints (as of November 13)Christmas shoppers and visitors still won’t be able to park until new painted lines and signage are in place.

Roads convener Tony Buchanan said: “We ask that the people of Clarkston and Busby give us their co-operation during the phase of 
bringing in the new restrictions.

“Please do not park your vehicle anywhere there are cones in place to allow us to complete the lining.”

He added: “We thank everyone for their patience so far and, although lining is weather dependent, we hope to have the work completed by the end of the year.”

Barbara Rourke, of nearby Netherlee’s residents group, said: “I moved to this area because of the shops and amenities and it is a shame to see them suffering.”

A representative of the group 
also commented, saying: “Our local shops need all the 
custom they can get, especially at this time of year, and we’d to encourage shoppers 
to continue to use the local shops whilst this work is going on.”