Parking row walkout

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DECISION makers at East Renfrewshire council have vowed to continue with the Clarkston business improvement district despite a walk out by the committee.

Last week, chair Deborah Clapham, along with the rest of the board, resigned after a bitter battle regarding parking reforms which they claim have hurt local business.

Parking enforcement was transferred from local police to ERC in April.

However, after complaints from businesses and residents alike, a review of the process is now imminent.

Until that point, the council is offering free provision in the upstairs car park in the centre of Clarkston, while enforcement will only take place during controlled hours.

Council officials still hold out hope for the future of the scheme, however Ms Clapham believes the entire future of the BID is in doubt.

She told The Extra: “The council has abandoned the businesses and has refused to do anything to alleviate the situation.

“How can you have a BID with no working relationship between the council and the businesses?

“ERC will limp on with the BID but you can’t have a business improvement district without the businesses.”

An ERC spokesman said: “The council has agreed to prioritise Busby Road orders as part of the statutory review.

“It is hopeful that, post this review, a longer term solution such as on-street metered car parking will be able to provide a much better parking regime to benefit both shoppers and businesses alike.

“We will continue to support the BID company every way we can to help keep 
Clarkston a vibrant shopping area that serves its community.”