Parking reform stalls

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A MOTION has been submitted to East Renfrewshire council requesting an immediate review of the decriminalisation of parking.

Independent councillor Ralph Robertson, who is seconding Conservative councillor Stewart Miller’s motion, describes the current parking situation as “the most ill-thought-out process I have witnessed in my time as a councillor.

“It has taken about two years to decriminalise parking and this time should have been used to review orders.

“The administration are supposed to work for residents. They should be ashamed of the way they are trying to cover up a botched-up, inconsistent shambles that is hitting revenues to shops and the quality of residents’ lives.”

Conservative councillor Jim Swift is unhappy with ERC’s lack of flexibility.

He told The Extra: “The parking fiasco is strangling business in the community and killing our town centres.

“We will start to lose shops across East Renfrewshire if the council does not do something soon.”

However, Clarkston councillor and Labour man Alan Lafferty thinks the opposition have it all wrong.

“Once decriminalisation is out the bottle”, he said, “you can’t put it back in again.

“Yes I would support a review of the orders but there are statutory procedures we have to follow.”

In a piece of good news for Clarkston business owners, ERC has confirmed it will alleviate parking controls there until further notice, excluding morning and afternoon peak hours (weekdays between 8am and 9-15am and between 4.15pm and 6pm).

This is provided vehicles are not causing an obstruction.