Parking problems in Shawlands

Cars regularly line Walton Street - an unmetered residential road near the Shawlands Arcade.
Cars regularly line Walton Street - an unmetered residential road near the Shawlands Arcade.

PARKING is high on the list of problems for Shawlands, according to some residents.

This week, The Extra’s online poll asked if parking had become an issue on busy southside streets, and 75 per cent of respondents replied yes.

However opinions are divided when it comes to solutions, as the poll received exactly the same numbers for and against metered parking.

Andrew Montgomery, chair of Shawlands and Strathbungo community council, agrees that parking needs to be addressed — but adds that there is “no easy solution”.

He told The Extra: “In terms of retail in Shawlands there are things that can be done, and I hope that the approval of the town centre action plan pushes it forward.

“We want people to feel comfortable enough to shop in Shawlands without worrying that they only have half an hour of free parking.

“There’s also a disparity in that you have to pay to park in Shawlands on a Sunday, whereas in the city centre you don’t.

“If someone gets a parking ticket for being 10 minutes over their time, they’re not going to rush back to the area. It reflects badly on Shawlands.

“The initial parking term should be increased from half an hour to one hour, and the seven day parking charges should go.

“There needs to be a balance between what the council needs in revenue generation, and what needs to be done to regenerate the area”.

The community council is also concerned about parking in unmetered residential streets, and has been working with police in a bid to stop cars sitting on the pavement.

The Shawlands chair added: “People who park on pavements and put wheelchair users and mothers with prams onto the road are unacceptable.

“I’d ask that people who live in Shawlands not park on the pavements, because we are pushing for the police to come and take cars away”.

In the some parts of the westend and city centre, Glasgow city council already enforces a resident permit system.

Dedicated spaces are assigned to neighbours who pay an annual fee, which can range anywhere from £135 in Garnethill, Hillhead and Anderston to £250 in central locations.

Despite overcrowded streets, Andrew believes that a similar plan would not be beneficial to Shawlands.

He said: “It works in the westend because they have an influx of students who arrive during the day and, in a sense, protect resident parking

“Shawlands has a very dense population — there are just too many residents and not enough spaces”.

It’s a viewpoint shared by some of our online readers.

Twitter user @aboutshawlands commented that there is “nowhere to park” in the area, but questioned how a permit system would work – and how much southside residents would need to pay.

On Facebook, reader Andy Loudon commented that “parking laws should be enforced” in the area, while Rosalyn Barclay highlighted Langside as another parking black spot.

Clarkston community council also commented that the problem extended to East Renfrewshire, and that parking is a regular topic at their meetings.

Following The Extra going to print, a spokesman for Glasgow city council commented: “We have not experienced any particular demand for parking controls in the area, but will note the results of the poll.

“As residents will be aware, we are currently taking a much more comprehensive look at the future of Shawlands, which includes transport”.