Parents were warned off going to police, court told

THE parents of missing Pollokshields woman, Lynda Spence, were warned off from contacting the police after their daughter went missing, a court was told.

Colin Coats visited Patricia and James Spence days after the financial advisor went missing and warned them against contacting the police, saying Lynda owed him £10,000.

When asked by Lynda’s family if he knew where their daughter was, he said he didn’t.

Colin Coats is one of the four men – along with Paul Smith, David Parker and Philip Wade — accused of abducting, torturing and killing Ms Spence.

They all deny the charges.

When Mr Spence was questioned about the events of Coats alleged visit to his home he said the accused claimed that Lynda stole £10,000 from him and that she gave another man, John Glen, £20,000.

Mr Spence continued: “My wife said: ‘If she has stolen your money I’m going to report you to the police, she had no right stealing money’.”

When questioned about Coats’ reaction, Mr Spence said: “His reaction was to jump up and bang on the couch and he said: ‘If the polis look into my computer, I’ll get years and, don’t forget, I’ve got UDA people and London people’.”

The trial before judge Lord Pentland continues.