Parents urge commonsense on nursery proposal

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As councillors rejected a planning proposal for a nursery at Newton Grove, Clarkston, protestors were urging the planning committee to “use their commonsense” with regard to access and wildlife.

A council spokeswoman said: “In light of today’s decision (Wed, June 10), we will now take some time to look at different options.”

Claiming the victory, campaigners say they’ve won the battle but not the war as they strive to have their own alternative proposal regarding access to the site heard.

Leading the campaign for the council to reconsider the entry site to the proposed nursery is Graeme Oswald, who proferred a counter proposal with access relocated to another part of Newford Grove to save potential congestion and retain trees and wildlife habitats.

He told The Extra: “We have no issue with a new nursery.

“We just want the council to listen to an alternative option that would make life easier and safer for residents as well as for the users of the new facility.

“The alternative access would also be safer for children in our estate and will make dropping off and picking up far easier for parents.

“It’s better to get these things right beforehand and not regret decisions further down the line.”

Supporting the campaigners, MSP Jackson Carlaw said: “This planning application was the right nursery in the wrong location with the wrong access point.

“I was with residents this morning and this decision is a fantastic validation of their efforts.

“Hopefully, a genuine solution will now materialise.”