Over the Moon

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Willy Moon is nothing short of a musical melting pot.

As much 50s rockabilly as dubstep devotee, there is no middle ground with the unique Mr Moon.

Yet to release his debut album - Here’s Willy Moon hits the shops next month - Willy has already shot to fame.

He rose to mainstream relevance with his debut single I Wanna Be Your Man which was followed by the unavoidableYeah Yeah which was chosen as the back track for an iPod advert.

Here’s Willy Moon was written, recorded and produced all on his own (with a few tracks being produced by Pulp’s Steve Mackey) and is less than 29 minutes long.

Only one of its 12 songs lasts more than three minutes and not a single note is squandered. No bets were hedged during the making of this record.

He said: “My album is short like my songs. I always loved the relentlessness and excitement of that first Ramones album and there’s something of that spirit in there. I think it will surprise people who’ve only heard Yeah Yeah, there’s some slower, more atmospheric songs on it and one that even last for over three minutes.”

The New Zealander spent last summer playing festivals across Europe, including Cannes film festival and recently made his startling debut on BBC2’s Later… With Jools Holland.

Here’s Willy Moon stays true to Willy’s love of extreme contrast. Railroad Track resembles Kanye West’s Jesus Walks rearranged for a 1930s chain gang while She Loves Me crunches Hamburg Beatles into shuddering quasi-dubstep. It’s an unusual record because Willy Moon is an unusual man.

You can judge the man for yourself at the 02 ABC on Saturday as part of his debut UK headline tour.

To book, visit www.willymoon.seetickets.com/Tour/WILLY-MOON. Tickets are £8 and the show begins at 7.30pm.