‘Our Lane’ project gets off to a flying start

The cleanup crew in action last weekend. Pic courtesy of Steven Allan Images
The cleanup crew in action last weekend. Pic courtesy of Steven Allan Images

A project designed by a group of community minded folks has gotten off to a great start - as one back lane gets a deep clean.

The residents of Ledard and Cartvale Road got together on Saturday, February 27 for the ‘Our lane’ project in Battlefield.

The first major push for the idea saw 25 neighbours giving up a sunny Saturday morning to clean up a muddy, rubbish strewn lane.

From 10 am to 12 noon they cleaned the lane of litter, junk and vegetation and cleared land at the end of the lane which was being used as a general dumping ground

The initiative came from the residents themselves, particularly from the efforts of Tobias Wieland whom The Extra featured in last week’s edition.

The like-minded neighbours received support from Community Safety Glasgow (CSG) and Neighbourhood Improvement and Enforcement Services (NIES) with CSG providing all the necessary equipment including litter pickers, hi-visibility vests, gloves, black bags and a link-tip to take the rubbish away.

CSG staff also completed a risk assessment prior to the clean-up; co-ordinated the delivery of gear and removal of the rubbish.

The group received great support from local businesses, which included Young’s Dairy, ‘1901’ and Glad café who all supplied food and drink on the day for the cleanup crew.

Our Lane were also grateful to Langside Church for their assistance and Square Yard who helped with the supply of equipment

Tobias Weiland said: “This is part of a bigger picture—to rehabilitate our lane. The land clean-up was a necessary first step, and we are all extremely grateful to those who gave up their time to attend.”

The next step for the project is to form a Community Association, and to that end a meeting has been arranged for tonight at 7.30pm in Langside Church.