Opposition point out holes in budget plan

Opposition point out holes in budget plan
Opposition point out holes in budget plan

ANGRY Conservative councillors have accused the administationof ignoring East Renfrewshire residents.

Council leader Jim Fletcher inisists the proposed budget has “no shocks and nothing that will frighten the horses”, — but the opposition view things differently.

Opposition leader Gordon Wallace told The Extra: “We cannot continue to ignore the appalling state of the roads and walkways.

“Neither can we ignore our poor system of recycling, litter strewn streets and our sadly neglected leisure facility in Eastwood.

“Our schools lag behind the Higher Education sector in being able to harness the power and application of new technology in teaching.”

The opposition plans to submit an amendment at the meeting, which takes place at ERC’s headquarters at 10am today.

Mr Wallace continued: “Our amended budget shows real intent to not only attack these issues head on but further apply the financial levers necessary to help stimulate the local economy.

“We want to create skilled jobs for our young, secure future on-going community care and lay the foundations for a leaner, more efficient delivery of council services.”

Also in the budget, the council plans to continue to reassess its property to ensure efficiency.

Groups who use Rhuallan House have been told to look for alternative accommodation while the council sells the property.

A proposed £20.5 million investment in primary school provision in Newton Mearns will depend on approval by the Scottish government reporter.