Open the lanes and make them work

Tobias Wieland (far right) with community members
Tobias Wieland (far right) with community members

A new community project for the Battlefield and Langside communities hopes to re-energise a currently unused part of the streetscape.

Tobias Wieland, who lives in Ledard Road was surprised to find that the ‘lanes’ which run behind the properties on Ledard and Cartvale Road, Sinclair Drive and Carmichael Place are actually owned by the residents on those streets, as are the pavements.

As a result of that information he felt that they could be used a lot more usefully by the community if they were cleaned up, had some gates added for security purposes, allowing them to form an outdoor communal space all could enjoy.

As a first step in this regeneration project there is a clean up of the lane running behind Ledard and Cartvale Road this Saturday between 10am and 12 noon. All those interested in taking part and helping clean up what could become a new community entertainment space can meet up at the entrance to the lane opposite Battlefield Primary school.

And in order to formalise things, a meeting to elect a committee to run the project will be held in Langside Church on Thursday, March 3 at 7.30pm.

Tobias said: “It’s such a shame to see these spaces lying full of rubbish and not being used other than as a dumping ground, when they could be used during the summer for impromptu concerts, childrens entertainment, barbecues or just some seating areas for the elderly who could enjoy the planting which hopefully will take place too.”

There is a facebook page on the project at: