Ongoing rat problem in Thornliebank

Rats have made a nest in Carrie's car, leaving behind droppings and damaging the engine.
Rats have made a nest in Carrie's car, leaving behind droppings and damaging the engine.

A resident in Thornliebank has hit out after an ongoing rat problem still hasn’t been resolved.

Carrie Doran contacted East Renfrewshire Council last year to report an issue of rodents at her home in Hillside Court. It appeared that the rats had gained access to her home following renovation work being carried out.

She said: “I was out my house for eight weeks with two small children as the rats got into my house, it was overrun by them. Eventually the council came out after weeks of phoning.

“They sealed up the hole and I had to pay to have the home fumigated. I also had to throw out some household items. The issue was resolved but Carrie said workers who needed access to her loft while installing a new bath, spotted evidence that the rats had returned.

She continued: “The workers spotted rat droppings in the loft and they have chewed through the insulation.

“We now have them running all over our bins and you can hear them scratching and surrying about. I keep my car parked outside and it is now infested with them – the amount of dropping would make you sick. My daughter is just terrified of them.”

A council spokesman said: “We are aware of the resident’s concerns and have twice visited the property to carry out treatment and make repairs where the rats may have been accessing the property. There is an ongoing issue with the communal bins and our environmental health team have instructed pest control to treat the area as soon as possible. We will also be contacting residents to discuss current waste disposal arrangements.

“Rats are creatures of habit, and will return to the same areas looking for food, which is why it’s so important if residents see any on their property that they arrange treatment immediately.”