Ones for the future

Jackie Wylie
Jackie Wylie
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The Arches is set to host its annual Arches LIVE festival, featuring new work by Scotland’s most exciting emergent artists.

From Tuesday, an all-embracing selection of formats including one-on-one experiences, narrative theatre, live art, visual art will be showcased as part of the Arches 21st birthday celebrations.

This year’s festival is the biggest yet, boasting an impressive 30 performances over two weeks, with highlights including an all-male version of Wuthering Heights, a black metal reworking of Macbeth, an invitation for a lapdance and the birth of an online cult.

Over an exciting two weeks, the building will come alive with the energy of some of the country’s most forward-thinking artists.

The festival continues until Saturday, September 29.

Jackie Wylie, Arches artistic director, said: “Arches LIVE offers our most exciting performance makers the opportunity to try out fresh ideas and take risks.

“This year, as ever, the festival is defined by a determination to ask questions about ourselves and the world around us.

“Once again, the festival is an opportunity to catch an early glimpse of the artists who will shape the future of Scottish theatre”.

Whether it’s the uncomfortable exposure of Rosana Cade’s My Sister Taught Me This Lapdance or the personal endurance of Victoria Bianchi’s God Loves A Trier, for two weeks the building will come alive with the energy of some of the country’s most-forward thinking artists.

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