One small detail . . .

The proposal for an incinerator at Loganswell may not be as large as initially feared

Managing director of Lifetime recycling village Neil Gallacher confirmed yesterday that the size of the site and proposed tonnages will be reduced in the final plan because “we listened to the community”.

The development is now expected to be reduced by one third, from 1.5 millions tonnes to one million tonnes of waste per annum.

He told The Extra: “We can confirm that the proposed tonnages have indeed been reduced.

“We have taken on board feedback received, which will be reflected in the final application when it is lodged.

“Our application has taken longer than expected, but that is because we are committed to getting this absolutely right”.

It is now expected that a planning application will be lodged by February next year.

Mr Gallacher refused to deny whether the waste would be supplemented by virgin woodchip imported from Scandanavia, or whether domestic waste will now be processed as well as commercial waste.

West of Scotland MSP Jackson Carlaw says the revised plan “smacks of desperation”.

The Conservative added: “Given that LRV claimed a waste incinerator plant any smaller in scale than their original proposal would not be viable.

“In any event given that the Minister has confirmed that anything processing waste beyond 300,000 tonnes a year is defined as a waste incinerator, it would have to be some reduction on the original proposal”.

The change in the proposal has not altered the thinking of fellow West of Scotland MSP, Stewart Maxwell, who said: “The incinerator development is still completely unwelcome”.

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh told The Extra: “I hope LRV will forgive me for saying that most people saw this coming, that they would somehow try and make their plans more palatable.

“I do not accept an incinerator even on a reduced scale should be located at the edge of a residential area.

“This is a rather calculating decision from the developers and it has not convinced me. It will still be a massive power station”.

The MSP will host a demonstration against the incinerator alongside local MP Jim Murphy, which will begin in Mearns Primary car park on Sunday from 2pm

Jessica Eagers-Hardie — a local mother of three who is chair of the Mums against the Incinerator group — said: “We all need to be there. Whatever your political affiliations this march is important.

“This application, when it is submitted, is going to be dealt with by different government bodies — we all need to know how to object and to whom we should object.

“If there is any chance that we could affect LRV’s financial backing then now is the time to do it”.

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