One last roll of the dice

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ROBSLEE parents are refusing to take the decision to close their children’s school lying down.

The parents have taken legal advice and are now fundraising to challenge the council’s decision in court.

Among the activities set to raise much-needed cash to fight the outcome are a fashion night at Matalan in Darnley on October 30 and bag packing sessions at Morrissons.

A paypal account is to be set up online in due course and once funds are raised, parents intend to progress with steps to keep the school open.

The first step of this would be a meeting with an advocate, at an initial cost of £1,200, to determine their chances of winning a judicial review — which could be completed this year.

Concerned parent Vicky Kitson told The Extra: “We are planning several different fundraising activities.

“We have been advised to go about business as usual until we decide what to do next.

“The mood is the same as it would be anywhere else, the primary concern is the school and children.

“People are hopeful that something can still be done and we are waiting for word and we will take advice before we take any further decision”.

Speaking on the campaign website www.sav, spokesman David McClelland confirmed that parents “intend to seek counsel as soon as possible”.

“If we fail in having the closure decision overturned, then we will put all our efforts into ensuring that the transition period is smooth and successful, and that we do all we can do for all the children of Robslee.

“However, we have one last roll of the dice — we asked the views of parents during a meeting earlier this month to make sure we have the support of the parent body — that support was unanimous”.

PTA chair Vanessa Murray added: “At each stage in the process, it has been very important to us that we act in support of Robslee parents and we have worked very hard to ensure parents are consulted and their views taken on board.

“With respect to legal costs, these can be very expensive.

“We are currently looking at all options open to us to gain support in this area and will not proceed if our case is not strong or we don’t have the funds in place to fund such an action”.